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My name's Emmalene and I've been practicing yoga one way or another for the best part of 20 years.

In that time I've had ups and downs in life and in health, and I can honestly say that during the times I've practiced yoga, I've been best prepared for what life's thrown at me.

I'm particularly passionate about how yoga improves physical and mental health, by allowing us to unite our body & mind in a world that so often leads to disconnection.

I started Liquid Yoga because, having experienced this first hand, I can help others to experience it too.

I completed my 300hr Yoga Alliance Professionals certified Yoga Teacher Training in 2022.

I live and teach in North Leeds.


Non-Yoga Stuff (kinda)

Sometimes life is just 70% yoga, 20% drum & bass and 10% other stuff. Other times you can switch the categories but the proportions stay pretty much the same!

I've been vegan for 20 years, this is strongly connected to my approach to life which includes yoga. 

I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, feeling the connection to nature and the landscape. I particularly enjoy practicing yoga outdoors, it's really exhilarating.

I'm originally from mid Wales and I love spending time in Wales.

I've lived with a few different animals but my ongoing animal companion is a hermann's tortoise named George. He doesn't really do yoga but he does listen to drum & bass. 

I'm a fully naturalised Yorkshire person, having lived in God's own county for 15 years (12 in York and 4 in Leeds).

I have hypermobility, which affects my skin, joints and digestion, and means that I have to be very mindful when practicing yoga and other physical pursuits. 

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