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Practicing Yoga

1-1 and Private Yoga   


1-1 and Private Yoga   

1-1 and Private Yoga   

1-1 and Private Yoga   

Why Private Classes?

Private classes are a relaxed way to explore yoga on your own terms.

You might be considering private classes for some or any of the following reasons:


  • Never been to a yoga class or studio before

  • Want to practice yoga with a particular group, or set of friends or relatives

  • Have particular needs that may not be catered for with a bigger student-to-teacher ratio

  • Have a particular goal for your practice that's difficult to access in a larger class or studio

  • Just want to practice without the hassle of going to a larger class or a studio

What to expect

Before attending your private class you will have a no obligation video call or in-person consultation with Emmalene in order to fully communicate your needs and requirements for the classes. Emmalene will then put a unique class plan together which you will work through and give feedback throughout. 

Private classes can be held on 1-1 basis or in small groups of up to four students. The classes can be held at your home, office or other dedicated space. Liquid Yoga works with a number of venues that can be used for private classes. 

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