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Hatha Sun Salutation

Let me take you through a traditional sun salutation form ☀️

The Hatha-style sun salutation sequence gives you a beautiful flowing movement with which you move your whole body and link your pace to your inhales and exhales.

Practice with me a few times to feel into the sequence with your body and get familiar with the movements.

Make this sequence your own by practicing it at home or wherever you have a few minutes' time and space to roll out your yoga mat. Find your own pace.

By syncing the movement of your body with your breath you'll feel more present and focused. Keep going to move towards your flow state.

The Hatha sun salutation gives you an excellent starting place for your home practice; feel it, learn it, play with it, add in different poses wherever you'd like them!

For more like this please head over to my YouTube Channel, like the video and subscribe!

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