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One Year of Yoga Classes in Alwoodley

Updated: Apr 21

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I began teaching yoga in Alwoodley at the Community Association Hall.

Over that time we've brought together a lovely group of local people who practice yoga together on a Thursday evening. There are some who come every week, some who come most weeks and some who come from time to time, and it's lovely to see those who have done a lot of yoga practice alongside people who are newer to yoga.

I'm going to let you know about a couple of events which you can come along to completely free of charge to celebrate one year of yoga classes in Alwoodley.

Yoga zone at the Alwoodley Artisan Market

woman with yoga blocks and a yoga mat looking curious, with the text Alwoodley Artisan Market 8th October 10am-3pm

On Sunday 8th October I will be available at the Artisan Market (which also takes place at Alwoodley Community Association) from 10am-3pm to chat about yoga, health and lifestyle, answer any questions you might have and provide some yoga demonstrations.

I will have a compliment of yoga 'kit' with me so if you've ever wondered what to do with a bolster, yoga bricks or mala beads then it's a good time to come and find out!

Questions about yoga, what to expect in a class, how and why to build a regular yoga practice, the origins and philosophy of yoga or how to get the most out of meditation are all welcome. You can also sign up to the upcoming free class (details below) on the day so I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Celebration Class!

To celebrate and say thank you to all of you who've come to class this year, as well as have the opportunity to welcome new students, there will be a free of charge yoga class on Thursday the 12th October 2023 at the usual time of 6pm.

Mat hire will also be free of charge for this special class, but be sure to write "need a mat" in the comments when booking so I can allocate one for you!

The class will leave you feeling reconnected, relaxed, open, joyful and more at ease through a mixture of meditation, guided breath techniques, and postures that gently move and challenge the body, rounded off with dedicated relaxation time.

Please also go ahead and share the free class link with any friends or family who would like to come and try yoga, as so often in class I see the joy and encouragement that people get from bringing someone else along.

There are a set number of places so make sure you all get booked on!

Thanks for a lovely year of yoga in Alwoodley and I look forward to celebrating with you

Emmalene :)

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