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Autumn Equinox

Updated: Apr 21

Mabon, Harvest, first signs of Autumn

An orange autumn leaf against a green forest background with a blue sky
Leaves have just begun to fall

If you've noticed how short the daylight seems to be again at this time of year, you're not alone. In the northern hemisphere, late September is the time when day and night once again become equal in length, before the long nights of the winter set in.

I do miss getting up in the daylight. Every year, it still seems odd to be suddenly pottering around in the dark before starting my day proper. By the autumn equinox, the sunrise, which has of course been slowly getting later since the summer solstice, reaches the critical point of occurring a hour or so after I get up, and boom- I know that summer is over.

This is a good time to pause and reflect. To notice the changes in nature and in ourselves.

To notice and accept the changeable nature of our reality.

Equinox is a time of pause, of equilibrium. Of day and night hanging in the balance before night wins out for its season. It's a time of plenty, of harvest and of thanksgiving.

This is the time when we find fruit in the hedgerows (sloes, blackberries, damsons have been particularly good this year!) and edible fungi are popping up in fields and forests. It's an amazing time to get outside and explore and reconnect.

Equinox is a time to practice contentment, finding ourselves where we are right now. It's a time of letting go, releasing the long days of summer and accepting the dark season ahead. It's also a time of looking forward to the winter festivities (Samhain, my favourite!), of cosy nights in and comforting food.

Yoga, of course, is part of this too. Slowing down from the more fiery and active practices of the summer into yoga that is more supportive of the new season. A bit more introspective, a bit slower and a bit softer. A little more contented.

If you'd like to find some contentment and practice with me this equinox, either book on to the in person class in Leeds or enquire about an online 1-1 or small group class.

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