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Ashtanga Sun Salutation A

Move with me through a traditional Ashtanga yoga style sun salutation. I'll guide you through each part of this flowing movement so that you can make it your own.

Feel the flowing movement of your body with your breath, all the way from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes.

Flex and extend your spine, as you go from standing to the floor and back again, allowing the energy to move more freely throughout your body.

Notice yourself more present and focused as your attention moves with your body and your breath in this traditional yoga asana sequence.

Ashtanga Sun Salutation A is an amazing way to work with, multiply and channel your energy when you're feeing good, or a handy way to get a pick-me-up when you're feeling a bit stuck or lacklustre.

I'm taking the flow at about 70% of normal speed in the video, so follow me to get the hang of the form and where the inhales and exhales can go, but then take this practice at your own pace and to the speed of your own breath. Work with it, make it your own.

The Ashtanga style Sun Salutation originates with Ashtanga yoga as taught by one of the founders of modern yoga, K Pattabhi Jois, in the 20th Century. It's a hugely popular worldwide yoga form, so this is probably one of the most widely practiced yoga flows ever. When you've tried it, you'll see why!

Want to know more about sun salutations? Check out this blog article.

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