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Restorative Winter Yoga

Updated: Apr 21

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2024!

To celebrate the turning of the year, here is a restorative yoga practice to help you feel rested and rebalanced during the winter months. Enjoy and please leave your comments below!

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is a style in which the poses are held for a long time- often up to 15 minutes each- whilst being supported by as many props (blankets, cushions, bolsters) as required to be as comfortable as possible. Restorative yoga is designed primarily to help you rest, relax and renew yourself- perfect for the winter and the start of a new year!

How should you practice restorative yoga?

The idea is that restorative yoga should be especially restful so that you can rebalance your nervous system and come back to real life with a bit more calm and energy. Having a tranquil space where you won't be interrupted is important, and whilst you don't need yoga specific props to practice, having plenty of cushions and blankets so that you can fully support yourself in the postures is crucial. You should also have a warm, soft surface underneath you. If for some reason this doesn't sound like your yoga mat, you can lie directly on the carpet or even on your bed.

Is there anyone who should not practice restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is one of the most accessible of all yoga practices; even for example, if you aren't able to lie on the floor, you can do the postures on your bed or on a wide sofa. However if there is any reason you should not lie in the same or a particular position for a long time, please check with your doctor before practicing. If you are pregnant please exercise discretion about lying on your side or taking forward bends such as child's pose or dragonfly pose.

Is there anyone this practice is particularly good for?

Restorative practice is particularly helpful for anyone who feels the need to slow down and rest. This might be if you've been through a stressful experience, are in the middle of a big project but need renewed energy or if you're just feeling a bit low and lethargic. I often take this approach to my yoga practice if I'm feeling the bite of seasonal depression and my energy and resources are depleted. Even on the trickiest days, a short restorative practice can make everything feel a bit more possible.

Have a wonderful new year!

Want to practice yoga more in 2024?

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