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Why Practice sun salutations in yoga?

There are many different yoga asana forms. So why are the sun salutations so popular, and why do I recommend giving them a go?

My top 3 reasons to the question why practice sun salutations in yoga, with video explanations!

1.They’re great for the summer, and or when you’re feeling good (ie strong, energetic, happy, expressive, etc). They channel that energy and help you multiply the good feelings!

2. They’re also helpful if you’re feeling nervous or stressed. Sun salutations get you grounded, and get your whole body in motion to shift the nervous energy out.

3. They’re a brilliant basis for your home yoga practice. Whether you’re just starting out with an independent yoga practice at home or you’ve been doing it for years, sun salutations provide a solid basis to come back to or branch out from as you feel it 💪🏼

I’m also keen to know why YOU practice sun salutations in yoga. Let me know your reasons and experiences via the comments section below.

Want to find out more about the sun salutations in yoga?

Read my post about their history and practice

Try the Hatha Sun Salutation with me in this video

Try the Ashtanga Sun Salutation with me in this video

Practice with me by booking a 1-1 or group class now!

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